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Watch out for Rust on your Car!

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Rust is a plague that damages the value and aesthetics of our car! She is normal, but oh so undesirable! Fortunately, it is still possible to prevent and treat rust on a car. Here are ten tips to help you fight corrosion on your car.

Anti-corrosion Electronics Module

The anti-corrosion electronics module runs a small electric current on the body of the car. Thus, the ion transfer will be blocked and will not cause oxidation on the veneer of the car, on the metal. You will find online several models and brands of rustproof electronic modules. You can ask your mechanic for advice on this product.

Wash your Car Regularly

Salt, dust, and dirt make the body very vulnerable to rust. That’s why it’s important to take good care of a car by cleaning it regularly. Summer and winter, it is important to clean your car to avoid rust on the bodywork completely.

Protect your Car from Different Temperatures

The cold and heat are also two factors related to the advent of rust on the body of a car. That’s why keeping the car in a garage with tight and strong doors that won’t allow frost inside like the Pittsburgh garage doors in the winter could help counter future rust that may appear. But beware, if the garage remains very wet during the winter because of melting snow, rust may appear quickly on the car.

An Oxidation Inhibitor against Rust

If you have rust or corrosion on your automobile, you can scrape the paint and then put on an oxidation inhibitor. This will calcine the rusty area and promote its destruction. You will only have to paint over to remove any rust.

Clog Holes Caused by Rust

If a hole caused by rust appears on your body, seal it with a body filler to prevent further corrosion. Wait until it becomes hard then you can sand and repaint the bodywork.

Electromagnetic Protection

Before painting a car, simply immerse the car in an electromagnetic mixture and it will protect the vehicle against rust.

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