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Keeping your marble floor polished with few easy steps

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Marble which is considered to be the epitome of luxury is known to require is known to require special care so as to stay in top shape. There is nothing that is more elegant than marble itself. It is a timeless material that is known to be available in a variety of colors and different styles which make it fabulous for flooring. This porous, delicate stone is notorious in nature. However, for its susceptibility to staining only certain cleaning agents may be used on it which does not cause damage. Now let us look into the steps how to polish marble tiles clean.

You Must Know The Buying Consideration

Some of the things that one needs to keep in their mind while shopping for marble tiles include

  1. One should check for any damage or cracks on the marbles tiles that they are planning to install in their house.
  2. The marbles tiles should be proportionate so that it can be installed properly.

Common Mistake That Generally Happens

Some of the common mistakes that people tend to make when it comes to polishing their marbles tiles include

  1. One should not utilize any oily or waxy substance so as to clean the marble floor. These substances are known to get absorbed into the permeable stone which could lead to its discoloration.
  2. One should avoid purchasing any solvents from the market that is known to contain alkalis, chemicals, and This is due to the fact that they are known to reduce the endurance strength of the marble itself.

Tips to keep your marble floor polished

In order to keep your marble flooring free of stains and spills one needs to do the following

  1. Dabbing any spill on the marble floor along with a soft cotton cloth rather than wiping. Blot immediately and not to let it spill stay for a long period of time. If need be clean the spill with a mild soapy solution. One needs to gently rub the stain in a straight line. Scrubbing in a circular motion is a big no as this could lead to damaging the marble. This way one can keep their marbles tiles polished provided they follow these steps regularly.

Thus, it can be concluded that keeping your marbles flooring clean is a dutiful task that should not be ignored or else the tiles may get ruined easily.

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