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How to do the maintenance of your garage door:

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A garage door is a must have in a house. You can not only park a vehicle inside of it but also put some other important stuff. Some people also use it for small parties, or celebrations sometimes. A survey has been done which states that on an average a garage door closes and opens about 1500 times per year. Due to such high usage, it requires you to take care of it. The maintenance of a garage door is not that complicated. You just have to focus on the opening and closing mechanism of the door. The oiling should be done so it will run smooth. If you know how a garage door works, then you can do this by yourself. However, you can also call garage door repair Pittsburgh to do it for you.

Different types of issues a garage door undergoes:

Sometimes even after regular maintenance, problems occur. These unanticipated problems include broken springs, damaged panels, the door going off track, broken cables, jammed door opener, etc. Some major issues are:

  • Panel: Holes and dents are better replaced than repaired. Steel panel replacement costs lesser than the wooden panel replacement.
  • Cable and Chain: They are not usually expensive but installing them takes a lot of time. It is advised to consider the replacement of these parts.
  • Door Opener: Opener comes in a lot of variety. If you have frequent door opener repair, then go for a new one.

Garage repair is a complicated process as compared to garage replacement, so it is highly advised to leave it to a skilled professional. If even after the repair, your garage door gets defective often, then it’s time to buy a new door. It has been seen that a lot of repair costs more than a new garage door.

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