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Get Shiny Wooden Flooring By Following Home Remedies

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Everyone wishes to have bright and shiny wooden flooring that will bring warmth into your home. Nevertheless, with the passage of time, it starts losing the gleam. The cleaners available in the market contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to everyone. Below written are few home remedies to follow.

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Although, chemical cleaners are effective – kids get rashes when they sit on the bare flooring. Using natural methods to clean the wood flooring will save you from expenses, as they are a lovely cleaning alternative. You can quickly get the ingredients from your pantry or kitchen.

Use one cup of apple cider vinegar and mix it one gallon with warm water. Remember not to use hot water. You can use this mixture every three months.

Instead of heavy waxes, you can get the beautiful shine on wood flooring through a nice cup of tea. First, get tea either black or regular in two cups of boiling water. Allow it cool down. Dip a soft piece of cloth inside the tea and then wipe it off from the floors. The tannic acid present in the tea will raise the grain and bring the shine on the flooring. Additionally, there will not be any harsh smell.

Many people believe that it is not safe to use vinegar for the flooring. Remember, if you use it in appropriate proportion then yes, it can make your hardwood floor shine. By mixing one tablespoon white vinegar in two gallons of water, you can wipe off the floor, and it will become germ-free.

Another alternative is olive oil, which you can mix it with white vinegar and clean the floor to bring back the old shine of the flooring.

At times the scratches and scuff marks make the hardwood floor shine again by sprinkling a little of baking soda.


Even if the natural remedies do not work out in bringing the shine back, then go for the recommended mild cleaners. Though avoid soaps, because it can leave remains behind that floor and collect muck.

The trick that can repair the dull wooden flooring is to buff them after you have done mopping. Buffing means to make the floor shine by rubbing. Some people use clean cloth diaper while others use microfiber cloths or flat mobs. It’s entirely upon your choice. Take some time and buff it efficiently to have shining hardwood flooring.

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