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There are different types of binoculars sold today that are purpose built for varieties of outdoor events. There are binoculars for Safari trips, hunting, vacationing, sporting activities and observing wildlife. One aspect of wildlife observation is bird watching. Birds are wonderful creatures but to get a perfect understanding of their behavioral patterns you have to watch them closely when they are within their elements. Most wildlife naturalists will tell you that watching birds is indeed a difficult tasks without the proper tools. With the invention of special bird watching binoculars, lovers of birds can now watch these wonderful animals unimpeded.  With so many different types of binocular sets for various purposes, it is easy to buy the wrong one by mistake.

The best bird watching binoculars have a special feature that differentiates them from every other set. This feature is inculcated into the technology to accommodate easy viewing when observing birds at high elevated points. If you are searching for a very good bird watching binoculars, don’t be hasty to pick the first one you find that catches your fancy. Rather, check to see if it has a special zoom power and a corresponding lens diameter. The Zoom or Magnification feature is what makes images clearer while the lens regulates lighting to make images more clearer. To know the Magnification and lens capacity, check for their magic numbers. These numbers are not difficult to spot. You will often see them written in a format like this for example 8×30 or 10×42.  The magnification specification is the first number and the second number stands for the lens capacity.

Common mistakes

Many buyers of binoculars of all types often make an error of judgment in assuming that a binocular with a powerful magnification feature is always the best to go for. While image boldness is a good thing it has it’s own limitations. Some of these limitations are

  • Narrow area views
  • Low image brightness
  • Unsteady image capture due to frequent
  • Poor visual depths

As a recommendation, to get the best image quality when out on your bird watching activity, only settle for bird watching binoculars with a magnification capacity of 8mm and not more than 10mm. The lower the capacity the wider it’s field of view.  Having a wider view will make it unnecessary to keep shifting your position and angle to catch bird activities. To summarize the point, the lower the Magnification the better and the wider the lens diameter the better as well. If you have one of the best binoculars for bird watching you wouldn’t need to be an expert to get the clearest view.

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