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Battery Drain on Phone Due to Cold Weather

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Have you ever noticed that your phone’s battery dies almost immediately during the winter? It isn’t your imagination; phone batteries are less effective when they are either very hot or very cold. Being aware of this is important, not just to keep your phone working, but also to ensure your safety.

What Happens to Phone Batteries When They Get Cold?

Battery drain on phone due to cold weather occurs due to the chemical structure of the battery. Batteries are designed to function optimally at room temperature. As the battery gets colder, the chemical reactions that produce electrical impulses become sluggish and it’s impossible to get a legitimate charge.

Often, a phone may appear that it has completely lost its charge when it gets too cold. However, it usually hasn’t; it just can’t recognize the amount of charge it has. Once it warms again, it will have the amount of charge it should.

What to Do When Your Battery Gets Cold

When you experience battery drain on your phone due to cold weather, the first thing you should do is seek to warm your phone. Often, carrying your phone within your jacket or in an area where it will be impacted by your own body heat is enough. The cold required to chill a phone is significant; you would need to be subjecting your phone to external weather of at least 30 degrees or lower Fahrenheit.

If your battery is too cold or too hot, you should not attempt to charge it. Charging the battery will connect it to an electrical source, but the energy will have nowhere to go because the battery’s chemicals are “frozen” and inactive. If there is nowhere for the chemical reaction to occur, the battery, phone, or charger could potentially ignite or melt, causing more substantial problems. The phone should be completely warmed before being charged or used.

Avoiding a Cold Phone Battery

Though cold weather can have a substantial impact on phones, the impact can be avoided or lessened by keeping phones in a warm place during the colder months and in colder environments. There are cellphone cases that can assist with this, as can leaving a phone inside a car or home while you’re working outside, or keeping a phone tucked into a pocket rather than leaving it inside of a purse.

If your phone’s battery continues to act erratically after being warmed, it may have been permanently damaged by the cold. In this situation, it’s best to replace the battery as soon as possible, as it could be dangerous or develop a leak.

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