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7 Tips for a Healthy and Lovely Lawn This Fall

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Although fall is still several weeks away, there is nothing wrong with dedicating a few hours every week or so this summer to start preparing your lawn for the next season. By doing so, you will repair all the damage your outdoor space incurred this summer. This will also ensure you have a healthy, lovely lawn in the coming season.

Here are seven tips from a trusted lawn care company in Lewis Center, Ohio to ensure you have a lush and thriving yard this fall:

  1. Get rid of all remaining weeds

By this time, you should have already won the battle against weeds in your yard. However, if there are still some scatterings of weeds in certain parts of your lawn, you need to completely get rid of them before the fallen leaves make it hard for you to manage them.

It is also important that you completely eliminate your weed problem now since some species of these unwanted plants can be particularly aggressive and take over in the fall when the grass is less active.

  1. Start cutting the grass shorter

During the last few weeks of summer, you should start lowering your mower height each time you mow until the grass length is about one and a half inches high. However, make sure you cut only one-third of the blade or less every time you mow. If you go higher, you will shock your grass.

If you feel it’s too hot to mow during the day, you can do this chore at night. You will even have an easier time cutting the grass since the sun is not beating down on it.

  1. Aerate

Aeration is the process of removing small plugs of thatch and compacted soil from the lawn. This is done to reduce the air pockets that prevent nutrients and water from reaching the roots of your grass, thereby improving your soil.

Late summer or early fall is the best time to aerate your lawn to ensure that it will receive the nutrients and water it needs to grow healthy throughout the following seasons.

  1. Reseed

If you have bald spots or unhealthy grasses in certain areas of your lawn, reseed your lawn late in the summer or in the early fall. This will encourage new grass to grow and fill in the unhealthy spots.

Do not reseed your lawn at the start or middle of summer. This is because it will almost be impossible for the seeds to survive and grow due to the dry and hot weather.

  1. Fertilize

To ensure you have a beautiful lawn after winter, you have to feed your lawn twice.

The first feeding should happen during the last week of summer. This will allow you to have an appealing and lush lawn throughout autumn.

For the second feeding, do this six to eight weeks after the first application. This will help restore the grass roots that were damaged during the summer. The fertilizer will also give your lawn the nourishment it needs in the winter.

  1. Give your trees and shrubs deep root fertilization

Unlike conventional feeding methods, deep root fertilization involves sending the fertilizer directly to the root system. Lawn care pros from Columbus, Ohio say that this technique will ensure your trees and shrubs get more essential nutrients which they can store up and use during winter.

Deep root fertilization will also give your trees and shrubs a head-start towards growing fuller and faster in the spring.

  1. Mulch newly planted perennials

If you planted some perennials this summer, make sure you apply mulch during the latter part of summer.

Mulching will stop recurring freezing and thawing of the soil that may heave these new plants out of the ground. It will also cover the exposed plant crowns and roots, which will encourage their survival and growth.

When mulching these plants, it is best to use straw, pine needles, and other similar materials. Make sure you apply several inches of mulch as well.

Getting help from a trusted lawn care company will allow you to have a healthy and beautiful lawn any time of the year. Whether you want to maintain and enhance your yard this fall or prepare it for winter, your contractor will provide all the services you need.


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