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5 Reasons Why You Need Hotel Mattress Covers

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Mattress covers aren’t just for nursing homes and baby cribs. Hotel owners and operators can use these devices to maintain cleanliness, reduce the risk of certain infections, and prolong the life of their bedding. Here are some of the perks of installing hotel mattress covers.

Reduce Dirt and Stains

Guests often spill drinks and food while relaxing or celebrating in their rooms. Sheets and blankets can be easily treated and laundered. Mattresses, however, require a lot more work. Don’t risk the expense of replacing badly soiled or stained mattresses. Use hotel mattress covers to reduce damage to costly items. Covers also reduce the number of body oils and residual grooming products absorbed by the mattress, which means your beds will smell fresh at all times.

Eliminate Possible Health Issues

Bedbug infestations are on the rise. Once they’re embedded, it’s nearly impossible to free your grounds of these insidious creatures. Bedbugs can cause discomfort, allergic reactions, and contribute to infections. Covering your hotel mattresses between visitors makes it harder for invaders to find a home in your establishment. Mattress covers also reduce the spread of other communicable diseases like flu viruses, tuberculosis, or pink eye.

Reduce the Effects of Wear-and-Tear

No matter how gently they are treated, beds eventually wear out. Micro tears from tossing and turning bodies rub the linen fabric against the mattress top. Over time, this can result in unattractive holes or fray. Use a cover to reduce the friction between mattress and linens. Waterproof covers work best when the goal is preventing wear-and-tear.

Decrease Your Cleaning Budget

Hotel mattress covers are an investment that pays you back almost instantly. With the extra protection, mattresses won’t need lengthy deep cleanings as often. That saves you money on cleaning supplies, stain removal formulas, and the time it takes your workers to complete the task. Fewer stains and dirt build-up also means you won’t have to replace worn-out mattresses as often. The longer your furniture lasts, the more profit your establishment can earn.

Offer Allergy-Friendly Accommodations

Guests with allergies, chemical sensitivities, and respiratory issues will appreciate the extra caution of mattress covers. These devices trap the oils, dust, and skin flakes that can collect on uncovered bedding. That usually means less likelihood of particles that can become airborne and disturb the sleep of sensitive breathers. Use all-natural products like vinegar, baking soda, and additive-free detergents to increase the allergy-friendly benefits.

Hotel mattress covers protect your investment, your establishment’s reputation, and your visitors’ health.

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